Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Use it or Lose it ….Or… When Teaching Grows Tired….

How often do teacher’s and parent’s refer to these phrases?

There is hope claims Dr. Norman Doidges (Psychoanalyst) to rewire the brain. In his book, “The Brain that Changes Itself”. He gives many real life examples of what happens. Like a giant hard drive on a computer that's capable of filing stuff randomly, any part of the brain, including left and right hemispheres, can learn and unlearn. At times we have to disable parts of our brain to establish new connections and that is where we take a new route to overcome old tired procedures to begin again!

Remember the successes you've had and expand on them. When you have samples of students work try mentally to broaden what they've produced by being confident and not fearful. Ask for student input keeping you the teacher and students on your toes. Make learning more meaningful, more personal and fun.

Teaching in isolation seems a ticket to burn-out. There is an inherent social nature to the "act" of teaching; so it seems essential to have social interactions outside the actual teaching act and a group of colleagues that support each other in teaching. Seek them out.

Following the most recent unrest in BC education you might want to work on developing a new fresh agenda before the old becomes something you do by rote. It takes character and focus. 

Note: no matter what the media or government officials say about educators, you are involved in the most important work of our society. Remind yourself of that fact!

Use new material you can access by using the web or journals.

Here are some sites:

Classroom Leadership – Keeping me on my toes!  - Barbara Weaver

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